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The Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) is committed to providing a safe church environment for children and young people. The LCA acknowledges that children are a precious gift from God, with special vulnerabilities, that they require nourishment and nurture in their spiritual development and that they are to be protected from all forms of abuse. The LCA also affirms that it has no tolerance for child abuse and that all its people have an important responsibility to care for children and to keep them safe. The way we care for children reflects our genuineness of faith. It is also a reflection of God’s love and his divine protection.


Safe Church Training

As Christians, we are called to be witnesses of the Gospel, we are also moved by God’s immeasurable love for us, to reflect this love to others. In addition to providing for our spiritual needs through worship, pastoral care and other ministries, the LCANZ has a legal duty of care, to keep people safe, physically and emotionally.

Safe Church training informs leaders in the LCANZ of relevant expectations and requirements, assisting and empowering them to meet their obligations. In accordance with directions from the General Church Board, Safe Church Training has been implemented consistently across the whole of the LCANZ.


Safety Management Online (SMO)

Is a database, so a web-based tool by which the system is applied. To support the ease of implementation of the ChildSafe safety management system, the LCANZ has invested in SMO for congregations to use at no cost. There are numerous templates and resources available on SMO.

Upon completion of the Level 1 Safe Church Training an account will be created for you to be able to access available resources.


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