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Posted by Pastor Matt Bishop on February 9, 2017

12th Feb 2017 – Jesus’ lesson in anger and faith

This week’s Gospel lesson (Matthew 5:21-37) is the middle of a large unit (Matthew 5:17-48) within the Sermon on the Mount on the law and Jesus’ interpretation of a number of Old Testament commands.  Our gospel reading next week completes this unit.  However, next week I think it important to look at the wisdom/foolishness theme of the current 1 Corinthians unit we have been hearing in the Epistle before it too goes past. So today we’ll look at this law/commands section of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.  But as there is a huge amount of material … way too much for one sermon … and on some quite specific matters, this week I’ll simply take a look at something we can all intimately relate to – anger (Matthew 5:22).  Thankfully, Jesus never leaves us relying on our resources when dealing with this area of life.  Instead, dealing with anger his way draws us into his life and promise in all its depth and unsurpassed grace.
Posted by Pastor Matt Bishop on February 2, 2017

5th Feb 2017 – Salt, light and the law

Three everyday phenomenon.  But three items Jesus works with in an extraordinary way in today’s sermon text (Matt 5:13-20) from the Sermon on the Mount.  We pray that God continues to work Christ’s grace in us so that by the Holy Spirit we may remain salty, light giving, and Gospel people who nonetheless take God’s law seriously.

Posted by Pastor Matt Bishop on January 9, 2017

8th-29th Jan 2017 – Epiphany and Beyond:

Over the next four Sunday’s that this Bulletin covers we spend time in the season after Epiphany (January 6).  Renowned Christian liturgical scholar Frank C Senn says:  ‘The festival has its origins in the Eastern Christian churches, in which it was a general celebration of the incarnation of Jesus Christ that included the commemoration of: his birth: the visit of Magi (“wise men” as Magi were Persian priests) to Bethlehem; and Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River by John the Baptist; and even the miracle at wedding of Cana in Galilee in which Jesus turned water into wine.  It seems fairly clear that baptism was the primary event being commemorated…’ (pp119-120, Introduction to Christian Liturgy, Fortress Press, Minneapolis).

On Sunday 8 January we will celebrate the baptism of Jesus.  John the Baptist had protested that he should not baptise Jesus, but that it should be the other way.  So during the sermon we will look at what Jesus’ words, “Let it be so now; it is proper for us to do this to fulfil all righteousness”, mean for us now (Matthew 3:15).

The readings for the weeks thereafter have many highlights.  Themes of light, salvation and key moments and teaching in Jesus’ early life are prominent. While the sermon texts are still to be selected by the various lay readers, you’d be blessed spending some time with your study bible and these particularly profound texts:

Jan 15: John 1:29-42 ‘Look!  The lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world’. (John 1:29)

Jan 22:  Matthew 4:12-23:  ‘The people living in darkness have seen a great light’… “Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men” (Matt 4:16;19)

Jan 29:  Matthew 5:1-12:  The Beatitudes… ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven…’ (Matt 5:3)

By the way, it was once custom at Epiphany to announce the dates of Easter (yes – prior to printing presses and smartphones, calendars were hard to come by!)  So just to put it on your radar, as God wills, in 2017 Ash Wednesday will be observed 1 March, Maundy Thursday 13 April, Good Friday 14 April, Resurrection of our Lord Sunday 16 April and Pentecost 4 June!

Posted by Pastor Matt Bishop on January 9, 2017

1st Jan 2017 – New Years Day message: Numbers 6:22-27

What’s in a number?   The book of Numbers in the Old Testament is mostly about… well numbers! Censuses, procedures and instructions abound. Sounds a bit bland doesn’t it, although maybe not if you are a public servant! (Actually, with talking donkeys, water from the rock and the Bronze Snake it certainly delivers more than just figures!)  Yet surprisingly, it’s also arguably one of the most quoted books each week in our services – at least when we use the famous end of service ‘Blessing’ that starts with the words ‘The Lord bless you and keep you…‘ (Num 6:24). For amongst Israel’s national stats and accounting is this beautiful life-giving and protecting word directly from the Lord…. a word directly from Christ the high Priest that continues to serve us each time he serves us with these words at Bethlehem.

Posted by Pastor Matt Bishop on December 24, 2016

25th Dec 2016 – Christmas Day message (Luke2:14)

Glory to God!  It’s easy to sing and say, but harder to do, or is it?       Today, we will look at what it is in the angel’s song, that brings the Gospel to life in us and teaches us for life in Christ.