Worship Times: 9:30am with Communion

Questions about attending Holy Communion in the Lutheran Church?
‘Holy Communion is the true body and blood of our Lord Jesus
Christ given with bread and wine, instituted by Christ himself for
us Christians to eat and drink.’

Come to this sacrament:
- as a sinner who wants God’s forgiveness;
- as a baptised believer who trusts that Jesus died for the
forgiveness of sin;

- as a guest who humbly accepts what Jesus gives — his true body
and blood with the bread and wine;

- as a witness who gladly joins in this public confession of the
death of Christ.

Should you not wish to receive Holy Communion, you may remain
in your pew or come to the altar to receive a blessing - crossing
your arms to signify your intention.

Monthly evening services  - 4:30pm

The Winter Monthly evening service trial is now complete.

Watch the bulletin and web site for possible summer evening services

Sunday School

We hope that on the Sundays that we do not have
Sunday School your family will worship together.  There will
again be activities for the children in their  "In Church Bags".
We hope to encourage the children to learn about and
participate in the Worship Service through the activities provided.

Children from the age of 4 are welcome to attend.

All teachers and assistants have a 'Working with Children' clearance.


Sunday School will be held on the following dates throughout 2019:

Term 1

17th February

17th March

7th April

21st April - Easter Sunday 

Term 2

19th May

2nd and 16th June

7th July

Term 3

21st July

4th and 18th August

1st and 15th September

Term 4

20th October

3rd and 17th November

1st December  - 1st Sunday of Advent

8th December - 2nd Sunday of Advent

15th December - 3rd Sunday of Advent

22nd December - 4th Sunday of Advent

24th December (Tuesday) Christmas Eve