Clearing the Land

Donations from St Johns Lutheran Church Perth and individual members enabled the WA District to purchase four blocks bounded by Robinson Rd, Chertley St and Weld Crt in March 1971. The Morley area was chosen because of the large number of Lutherans who had settled in the area after the Second World War.
A Manse and a Church/Hall were built in 1972 for the newly formed Congregation thanks to financial assistance from Bethlehem Lutheran Church Adelaide, who were celebrating their centenary.

Clearing the Land and Slab Bethlehem Lutheran Church Morley
Dedication- Bethlehem Lutheran Church Morley


Bethlehem Morley was dedicated on 27 August 1972. The Congregation itself commenced worshipping in the Morley area in 1969. It was the first suburban Lutheran church to be opened in Perth, located 10kms north east from the city.

Opening Service

During the period between 1988 to 1993, Morley was able to assist the WA District by offering the services of our Pastor as part time District President. Essentially this has meant that the Morley Congregation has been served by a part time Pastor from 1980 to 1993.

Bethlehem took on the pastoral care of members in the town of Northam (approx 100km east of Perth) in 1999. Fortnightly worship services and limited visiting was conducted by Pastor Minge until his departure in 2000. In 2001, the Lutheran Church at Northam was closed down and Bethlehem took on the spiritual care of the remaining members after their church plant was sold.



Bethlehem celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2002 with plans to start a Faith Community Nurse Ministry. Funds were made available from Lutheran Homes WA, the Koch-Dolling Fund and the LCAWA District. After much investigation and planning, Marlies Dell’Antonio was called as a Parish Worker to fill the position of Faith Community Nurse in a part time capacity (2 days/week). Marlies was installed on the 16th February 2003. Roslyn Zadow took over the role of Faith Community Nurse and was installed on 1st August 2004. The ministry came to an end in June 2014.


Youth Interns

Another exciting ministry started  with the installation of 2 Youth Interns  on 16th February 2003.  Serica Kroeger and Katy Wilkins both committed to devoting 2 days/week for 12 months to work in the area of Youth Ministry within the parish.

Pastor Matt
Pastor Matt
Pastor James
Pastor James

Pastors & Lay Workers

We praise and thank God
For the Pastors and Lay Workers that have served Bethlehem Morley :

1971 -> 1975 – Pastor F.H. (Hadyn) Blaess
Frank McInerny (Parish Worker)
1975 -> 1980 – Pastor C.M. (Chris) Bartholomaeus
1981 -> 1996 – Pastor R.R. (Ray) Schulz
Jan 1997 -> Jan 2000 – Pastor E.G. (Eugene) Minge (Graduate)
Jan 2001 -> Dec 2014 – Pastor K.D. (Kim) Kuchel
Jan 2003 –> Jan 2004 – Marlies Dell’Antonio (Parish Nurse)
Feb 2003 –> Feb 2004 – Serica Kroeger (Youth Intern)
Feb 2003 -> Feb 2004 – Katy Wilkins (Youth Intern)
Jul 2004 –> Jun 2014 – Roslyn Zadow (Parish Nurse)
Feb 2014 –> Nov 2014 – Pastor R (Rob) Erickson (Interim Pastor)
Feb 2016 -> Dec 2020 – Pastor M.P (Matthew) Bishop
Feb 2021 –> Pastor James Luk

Bishop Family - Farewell Dec 2020
Bishop Family - Farewell Dec 2020