6th September 2020 – Temptation and evil… Matthew 6:13

September 4, 2020 Pastor Matt Bishop

The pastors of the LCA WA District are each contributing a video sermon on a petition of the Lord’s Prayer to a ‘sermon pool’ that can be drawn upon where that is needed and desirable.  ‘Think’ our district’s congregations without pastors, but also those with pastors who will be elsewhere from time to time, or simply want to feed from across our synod.  The lot of the 6th/7th potion fell to me. I’ll preach a draft of that today as I finalise it. No light stuff here in Matthew 6:13… but one thing in all the questions I’ve had about this part of our Lord’s Prayer is how when we experience temptation and cry out for mercy to God, God never fails us if we come back to trusting in Jesus and what he has done for us. Whether that be now, or our faith condition the day we meet Jesus face to face.