9th August 2020 – A watery walk of encouragement.

August 7, 2020 Pastor Matt Bishop

I’m hoping that today’s sermon on Matthew 14:22-33 is one that encourages you in faith. That Jesus walks on water and what he says as he does so shows in several ways that he is God, given the way it connects to key parts of the Old Testament. That Peter both believes and is moved to action yet doubts and sinks certainly feels realistic and adds to its authenticity. Has this ever happened to you… quite possibly in the past week now you think about it? The general environment of the choppy seas and the winds that threaten is another realistic aspect. When is life ever really all that calm? Yet when we do as our Lord commands and ‘Come’, that is, act in faith at his command, we know also that he stands ready to immediately reach out his hand and catch us (verse 31). There is a strong realism about both God and us in this amazing account of Jesus walking on water. In that way it encourages me for its honesty and insight. Yet most encouraging is the saving grace it shows for all who act in faith. May it encourage you!