21st July 2019 – Mary, Martha or both?

July 18, 2019 Pastor Matt Bishop

The sermon text today is Luke 10:38-42.  You remember it.  Martha is busy preparing everything for her guests while her sister is sitting at Jesus’ feet listening to what he said.  Martha get’s ‘ticked off’ with both Mary and Jesus and tells Jesus to do something about it.  Jesus reprimands her noting, among other things, that Mary has chosen the one thing needful.  Ever since, it’s been easy to get a bit holy about being holy, and a bit down about doing.  When Jesus reprimands Martha for going after the ‘one thing needful’ he is not telling her off for working.  It’s more her lack of faith – and with it, it seems, a reminder of whom she is talking to (he is, after all, Lord!). Today we’ll look at how being Jesus’ brother or sister by his death and its benefits received in our baptism frees us for service (and from guilt) and continues to draw us back to one thing needful.  One thing you might want to think about is what the placement of this text between the parable of the Good Samaritan (the importance of ‘doing’) and Jesus’ giving of the Lord’s prayer (the importance of receiving and trusting) tells us for its interpretation.