7th July 2019 – The lens through which to view all things… 

July 4, 2019 Pastor Matt Bishop

today we will hear from Galatians chapter 6 on what walking in Christian freedom looks like.
There is literally a whole preaching series in this chapter, so we’ll necessarily confine ourselves to bearing each other’s burdens, stewardship and money, and charity within the people of God.  That could all read like a ‘have to’ list.  Where’s the freedom in that? (See Galatians 5:1)  The Lutheran Study Bible (2009, Concordia Publishing House) notes St Paul’s big cross-centred finish in Galatians 6:11-18 and comments:  ‘Paul leaves us with an interpretive lens through which to evaluate all Christian teaching and life: the message of the cross.  Against all self-righteous pride in spiritual accomplishments, the cross speaks a word of judgment.  Yet to those who believe, the cross is God’s power to make all things new’ (page 2013).  Sure changes the view, doesn’t it?