9th June 2019 – Children of God by the Spirit of God:

June 6, 2019 Pastor Matt Bishop

Being 50 days after Easter, today is Pentecost Sunday where we remember the Holy Spirit promised by Jesus (see, for example, Luke 24:49) coming on Christ’s church to teach, lead and
encourage them into the grace of God.  Today we hear from Romans 8:14-17 where St Paul unpacks life in the Spirit.  We are made no less than children of God when we are led by the Spirit. As children we are heirs.  And being heirs we naturally inherit from the Father… but not just ordinary things!  Instead, the most extraordinary gifts of ‘righteousness’ (v10), ‘life for our mortal bodies’ (v11), help to put to ‘death the misdeeds of the body’ (v13), freedom (v15) and a God-view and experience of suffering that brings us to a share of God’s glory (v 17). Knowing about God is a vital ingredient… but the best ‘knowledge’, as our confirmees will show us, is the Spirit’s gift of faith itself.