17th February 2019 -’Like a tree planted by the water’.

February 14, 2019 Pastor Matt Bishop

God leads us and invites us to trust in him.  Not for it’s own sake, but for when life batters, doubts take over and death nears. The picture God encourages us to have is like a tree that is planted by the water that sends down deep roots (Jeremiah 17:8; Psalm 1:3).  A heat wave, desert storm or drought do not make it anxious or wither its green leaves.  It’s a helpful picture for motivating us as we deepen faith in our living and gracious God.  And being a tree with deep roots planted in the living water of Christ nurtures and sustains for those times of emptying when we need to believe the words of Jesus our Lord, “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.” (Luke 6:20).  When rooted deeply in Christ we also avoid being the subject of the various warnings contained in today’s readings such as ‘The wicked … are like chaff that the wind drives away’ (Psalm 1:4).  Thank you God for warning us.  And thank you God for delivering us through him who died on the tree planted in the ground of Calvary.