9th September 2018 – Faith and works:

September 6, 2018 Pastor Matt Bishop

distinguish and order rightly, but don’t separate!   JAMES 2:1-17: Here is a reading to jolt us, who belong to a material culture, out of our accustomed complacency. It is human nature to be impressed with and well disposed towards those who wear the outward trappings of success and achievement. It is also easy, unfortunately, to overlook or even ignore those people cast in a more ordinary or poorer mould. We are saved solely by faith in our Saviour, but a genuine saving faith CANNOT BUT show and express itself through attitudes and deeds of love. Partiality violates and smashes to smithereens our Lord’s law of love. A vital, active and living faith must produce works of love, otherwise it is no faith at all, and will not save. (From the LCA Commission on Workshop website)