19th August 2018 – Making a big statement:

August 16, 2018 Pastor Matt Bishop

As I had not entirely worked out my line through this week’s sermon text John 6:51-58, here is the description from the LCA Commission of Worship website.  Looks pretty good!
“JOHN 6:51-58: Eating and drinking the blood of Christ here means to receive everything he is and everything he did, does and will do in true and humble faith. In this way the miracle of eternal life is made ours and continues to nourish us. This excludes any ‘wisdom’ which is not God’s, any personal effort which human beings think empowers them to be a part of God and his
purposes. The Jews thought that the ‘bread’ of eternal life was God’s law as they taught it. Hence the graphic and, to them, offensive imagery which Jesus employed to penetrate their stubborn complacency.”  Plenty to thank God for and think about!