27th May 2018 – Made right for service.

May 24, 2018 Pastor Matt Bishop

The sermon text for today, Trinity Sunday,  is Isaiah 6:1-8.  It reminds us how God puts us right for service to him.  We might not think we are worthy or clean and that we could not survive an encounter with God.  But that’s just the thing.  We are drawn in to the self-giving love of the Trinity (holy, holy, holy) whereby we are created, cleansed and sent for service.  Not of our own accord, but by the deep mercy of the triune God.  The assignments are undoubtedly tough (read on in Isaiah 6:9-13).  Yet the source fills the earth, is almighty (Isaiah 6:3) and personally calls us (Isaiah 1:8).  This means you are up to the task.  No question about it.