19th November 2017 – Gifted for Growth:

November 16, 2017 Pastor Matt Bishop

Jesus’ end-time parable in Matthew 25:14-20 about the king who comes back after giving his servants start up capital in accordance with their ability (v.15) serves as both encouragement and warning. God equips us, and does so in terms of what each of us can manage.  But God also expects us to put his equipping to work.  It’s sad that so much of our world parrots the third servant who simply hands back what God gave him saying, “See, here is what belongs to you” (Matthew 25:25).  In other words, “I don’t want a share of you… and I certainly never entertained the thought that what you gave me could grow”.  We are forgiven when we too do that… and we are promised the Holy Spirit who ensures that what God gives us will grow as we use it to his glory. Moreover, we can anticipate that same sense of excitement that was evident in the first two servants… and be certain of a share in the master’s joy.  That’s the Gospel God will feed our faith with today.