1st October 2017 – Imitation possible?

September 28, 2017 Pastor Matt Bishop

The LCA Worship resources, a wonderful resource, makes the following comment about this weekend’s epistle: “PHILIPPIANS 2:1-13: Christ Jesus laid aside his eternal right to equality with the Father to become a slave under the human lot of misery resulting from the fall into sin. He became obedient to the Father’s will even to bearing the punishment of death for the sins of all. Therefore, says St Paul, imitate the humility and service of Jesus in working the good pleasure of God through looking, not to your own interests, but the interests of others.”
Easier said than done though… indeed our readings of the past six weeks or so, in being grounded in various types of direction to love,  show us our deficiency and just how much God gives of himself to shape us.   As we look at Philippians today – possibly with a cameo from Exodus 17 and Matthew 21 – we remember that only through union with Christ can we imitate Christ.