27th August 2017 – So what?…….

August 24, 2017 Pastor Matt Bishop

Romans 12:1 is a turning point.  Before it, comes God’s message of salvation.  Then from chapter 12 verse 1 to the end of the letter is ‘what this means for everyday life’.  In other words, the ‘so what?’ of salvation for everyday living. It’s always tempting to turn ‘commands’ for daily living back on our own resources, just as the world’s other religions do and as various movements in Christianity have from time to time.  But here Scripture makes it pretty clear that the new life ‘in Christ’ is lived both in community and out of the mercy – the renewal, faith and grace giftings – God has given us ‘in Christ’.   Thanks be to God, for this gives us the God view (‘in view of God’s mercy’) of life together in the church that Christ has built and which the gate of Hades will not overcome (Matthew 16:18 – today’s Gospel).