21st May 2017 – Points of connection

May 20, 2017 Pastor Matt Bishop

St Paul’s missionary address to the learned folks of Athens at the Areopagus stands as one of the great examples in how to connect with people on faith (Acts 17:22-31). Today we’ll look at a few things we can learn from that, for it is hard to know how to bring Christ into our conversations when the world is so preoccupied with its idols (see verse 16). It’s not just a ‘how to’ sermon though (even if that really were possible in the time allotted!) In Paul’s address you hear an unshakeable confidence in God as creator. And also his activity of redemption that calls his creatures to repentance (v30) ahead of the day of judgement (v31) and the new life to come thereafter (v31). This is what powers the message – a message just as much for us at Bethlehem Morley today, as it was for the Athenians since and all who have heard it in between.