23rd April 2017 – Safer than houses

April 22, 2017 Pastor Matt Bishop

Today we hear from the Lord’s disciple Peter in his first letter to the churches of Asia Minor.  He is at pains to point out the difference the resurrection makes.  As a man who experienced deeply the gospel after his denial of Christ and subsequent restoration (see John 18:15-18, 25-27; 21:15-24), he wants Christians to be left in no doubt of the Gospel’s ‘more than restoration’ for them as well. So in short, he makes it abundantly clear that Jesus’ resurrection is indeed the means by which we have both been born to living hope and will obtain an inheritance that will never fade away (so safer than houses).  But just as Peter suffered, so he is realistic that Christians too will suffer.  In all that, the outcome of faith is assured: the salvation of your souls.  And that’s gospel (and safer than houses!)