9th April 2017 – ‘… gentle and riding on a donkey’ Matthew 21:5.

April 7, 2017 Pastor Matt Bishop

It’s a fact of history that the crowds got it wrong on Palm Sunday. They were right to acclaim Jesus as king. The way they did it, however, showed a misguided earthly and political understanding. The reality is that Jesus was coming into Jerusalem to die. A restrained and sombre atmosphere of the walk of a condemned prisoner to the gallows would have been more fitting. Yet, because Jesus took that lonely walk a few days later up the hillside of Mt Calvary, today it is fitting that we sing out with praise and adoration as our gentle king once more comes to us. In the first instance, the best way to honour him is to continue to remember our need for him.* Therefore, may our continual cry be ‘Hosanna’ – which means ‘Lord save us’. (*Our life of obedience proceeds from this).