1st Jan 2017 – New Years Day message: Numbers 6:22-27

January 9, 2017 Pastor Matt Bishop

What’s in a number?   The book of Numbers in the Old Testament is mostly about… well numbers! Censuses, procedures and instructions abound. Sounds a bit bland doesn’t it, although maybe not if you are a public servant! (Actually, with talking donkeys, water from the rock and the Bronze Snake it certainly delivers more than just figures!)  Yet surprisingly, it’s also arguably one of the most quoted books each week in our services – at least when we use the famous end of service ‘Blessing’ that starts with the words ‘The Lord bless you and keep you…‘ (Num 6:24). For amongst Israel’s national stats and accounting is this beautiful life-giving and protecting word directly from the Lord…. a word directly from Christ the high Priest that continues to serve us each time he serves us with these words at Bethlehem.