25th Sept 2016 – Trust in God

December 16, 2016 Pastor Matt Bishop

Consistent with the readings in this part of the three year Bible reading cycle, this week the epistle (1 Timothy 6:6-19) and Gospel (Luke 16:19-31- The story of the rich man and Lazarus) concern themselves in a large way with money and possessions… especially a right posture toward God and them, where we realise God has given us good things not to make us slaves to them, but to equip us to be servants of all. At the foundation of both texts is a call to trust in God (and therefore listen to Him). Trust in God is exactly the theme of our Psalm this week – Psalm 91. So today we will take a look on how the Psalmist characterises this trust in God that feeds, encourages, revives and sustains us.